Stallions & stallionservice

We have been keeping stallions every summer since 1988, initially our own, but soon other stallionowners wanted us to promote their stallions, and so we did.
So far we have had 44 different stallions covering over 1200 mares over the years.

We took the at big step by introducing artificial insemination for Icelandic horses in Sweden and also took the possiblity to export to Europe. In 2006 we had our first test year and in 2007 started to export international. We built an EU-approved insemination station and are able to export throughout Europe. Our main business is to provide breeders the possibility to use the best available stallions, and to handle stallions on behalf of stallionowners to optimise breeding.

Welcome to test our service in 2017.

Soon we'll be presenting the stallions of this summer.

Read more about the top stallions stationed at Stenholmen stallions erlier years